Runs Deep in All of Us

Salmon aren’t just another fish in Alaska.
They are our lifeblood.

The Salmon Project was designed to give voice to Alaskans’ deep relationships with salmon
to ensure that Alaskans’ lives will always be salmon lives.

We believe that Alaskans can create an abundant salmon future by setting aside our differences and connecting through our Salmon Love.

Alaskans & Salmon

The Salmon Project shared the stories of Alaskans’ salmon connections, bringing us together to create a positive vision of a strong salmon future.

About the Salmon Project

Salmon Life, Salmon Love

Exploring the stories, places and faces of Alaskan Salmon Life.

Made of Salmon

A unique collection of writing about the extraordinary connections between Alaskans and our salmon.

King of Fish Book Drop

An effort to have every Alaskan read a single transformative book about salmon.