Alaska Stories from The Salmon Project

‘Made of Salmon’

This unique book features a powerful collection of essays and stories about Alaskans and our salmon.

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Alaskans have deep connections to wild salmon. Made of Salmon: Alaska Stories from The Salmon Project is an exploration of these connections, and how salmon are intertwined with our values, our families, and our deeply held hopes — and fears — for the future.

In these pages more than 20 renowned Alaska writers explore questions that resonate for all Alaskans — How do salmon fit in my life? What is our history together? How will they fit in our future and that of our state and our people?

Editor Nancy Lord weaves these essays together with additional writings from 33 individual Alaskans and photography from Clark Mishler. Their personal stories, shared with The Salmon Project over the years of our work, capture the spirit of Alaskans’ connections to the lands and seasons of salmon across our state.

More than anything, Made of Salmon is a love story. It’s a testament to the powerful connections Alaskans maintain all across the state — connections to food, landscape, ocean, river, season, culture and joy.

Made of Salmon is available in bookstores across Alaska and online.

Authors include: Ilarion “Larry” Merculieff, Leslie Leyland Fields, Bella Hammond, Seth Kantner, Charles Wohlforth, Charlie Campbell, Richard Chiappone, Dan O’Neill, Don Rearden, Julia O’Malley, Ernestine Hayes, Debby Dahl Edwardson, Lynn Schooler, Verner Stor Wilson III, Michael Raudzis Dinkel, Sara Loewen, Heather Lende, Carol Sturgulewski, Kirsten Dixon, Hank Lentfer, William L. Iggiagruk Hensley and Nancy Lord (editor).

Photo: Essayist Leslie Leyland Fields and her husband, Duncan, at their family’s fish camp on the west side of Kodiak Island. Photographed by Breanna Peterson. Courtesy of Kodiak History Museum, West Side Stories Project. You can read more about Leslie’s Salmon Life on our Salmon Life blog.