Salmon Life, Salmon Love

Our Lives Are Salmon Lives

Salmon Life is an ongoing storytelling initiative curated by The Salmon Project. We celebrate the diverse connections between Alaskans and their salmon.
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When Alaskans talk about salmon, we don’t just talk about a fish. We tell tales of adventure, of history, of hope –we tell stories about life. These stories are set on riverbanks and in urban streams, they take place on the deck of boats and around family dinner tables. Our stories are as different as we are, but each one has something in common: Salmon Love.

Join us as we share the stories, faces and places of Alaskans’ connection to wild salmon. Visit the Salmon Life website,, or share your own story on social media using the hashtag #salmonlife.

Salmon is not about our differences, it’s about what we have in common – Salmon Life: Salmon Love.