What is The Salmon Project?

Celebrating a Salmon-Filled Future


The Salmon Project celebrates wild salmon’s place at the heart of Alaskan life, and the diverse ways it is present in our values, our culture, and our landscape.


The Salmon Project shines a spotlight on the role salmon has in all Alaskans’ lives, reinforcing our culture and identities, and showing how our individual choices affect this incredible resource. By telling the story of our shared Salmon Love, we are building a statewide movement to ensure that Alaskans’ lives will always be salmon lives.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a future where Alaskans are united in an:

  • Awareness of the economic, environmental, social and cultural importance of salmon for ourselves, and for all Alaskans, including those whose connection to salmon is different than our own.
  • Understanding of the challenges facing Alaska’s wild salmon resource.
  • Commitment to collective decisions and personal actions that will ensure future generations of Alaskans live with an abundance of wild salmon.

Why We Do This

We believe that salmon are an aspiration for a future where our economy is resilient, our environment is clean, and our self-sufficiency is preserved. We believe that by working together, as a community of unique and independent individuals who are united by our connections to salmon, we can keep salmon in Alaska not just for salmon’s sake, for Alaskans’ sake.